May 30 Lake Tahoe NV to Winnemucca NV

Due to work issues we didn’t get on the road till 11 am. The road through the Sierra Nevada mountains was twisty and slow going but provided Susan with breathtaking views while Rick kept his white knuckles on the steering wheel and his eyes on the road. The tall pines, snow covered mountains, rock out-croppings  and lake views are something everyone should experience. When we reach Carson City the environment goes through a dramatic change  as the trees disappear and it is dry dessert with lots of salt flats.

Another route 80 shot
the Exciting view from route 80 in northern NV


It is strange to see the ground change to white around pools of standing water. We have not found much of interest to explore in the northern Nevada area so we drive 5 hours with only occasional bathroom and gasoline stops on our way to Winnemucca, ID.  Just as we arrive we notice The Pussy Cat Lounge (brothel)  is very near our RV park. Now we wonder what the F*#ka are we doing in Winnemucca. But it turns out it was a nice RV park with a decent restaurant near by. It served our purpose of a quick one night stand (no brothel involved) quite well as it had good internet, phone service and cable TV.  At dinner we ask the server what is there to see or do here in Winnemucca. She gives us an incredulous look as she says NOTHING! (Harsh words for a woman from the exciting state of Kansas). This portion of the trip is to click away some miles anyway as we make our way to Craters of the Moon, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

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  1. I am missing reading about your adventures. Are you all done? Hope you two are okay. Sally

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