May 26 Folsom Ca to Lake Tahoe Ca

This morning after an oil change, work and some shopping we did a beautiful scenic 3 hour drive to lake Tahoe.

A wild turkey wishes us farewell

The road was twisting and turning with many areas having a 30 MPH speed limit but our trip is uneventful. Jugging from the drive it seems like we will be kicking off summer in the snow. Upon arrival we dropped off the RV and went exploring around the Lake. It is a dark blue with lots of sandy beaches and snow covered mountains in the background. The town feels strangely similar to OC in NJ because it is crowded with families ready to kick off a new summer season. Although the weather is still a little cool (70) and the water is a lot cool (50) the beaches are filling up and the campgrounds are packed. Our camp ground Tahoe Valley Campground (located in a Ponderosa Pine forest) has a ribbon cutting ceremony, a DJ, and a large group camp fire with story telling, ice cream cake and drinks. We meet a number of other RV’ers around the camp fire, some of whom come to this spot every weekend during the summer. Some are full timers passing through but all are in a celebratory mood and anxious to trade stories.

Susan finds a dog at Sony’s

We enjoy a great barbecue dinner at Sonney’s (not related to the FL one) where Susan finds a dog before we head back to the RV to enjoy our rare cable TV connection before heading off to bed. Tomorrow we plan on taking the gondola ski lift to the top of a nearby 10000+ foot snow covered mountain and then spending the afternoon at the shops and restaurants in town.

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