May 25 Folsom SRA CA

Today we spent lots of time working. Because Rick’s company is very busy Susan is helping out there too. So both of us were on the phone till after noon. Great that the company is on east coast time because that meant we could hit the beach by 1 PM local time. The water temperature here is in the high 60’s but there were still lots of teenagers in the water Brrr! As we sit on the beach Rick does some research on Folsom prison. We pick this spot because of the location  but also because of the name recognition from the Johnny Cash song Folsom Prison Blues. Well, the research reveals that Johnny Cash was in Folsom Prison but only to put on a concert. The real famous prisoners in Folsom were Charles Manson, Edmund Emil “Big Ed” Kemper III, also known as “The Co-ed Killer”, (He is an American serial killer and necrophiliac who in the early 1970s killed and dismembered 6 co ed’s.), Timothy Leary (the psychologist that advocated LSD use) and Erik Menendez (who, with his brother, murdered his parents for the inheritance) among others. May be we should get out of here as we are only 1/2 mile from the prison! The town itself is very nice upscale homes and good restaurants. But we are still squeamish about the prison being in the neighborhood. We take the time this evening to enjoy a nice Italian restaurant (Vaiano Trattoria) then retire back to the RV for a Netflix movie and some TV before bed. Tomorrow we will head to Lake Tahoe for the memorial day weekend. While we are looking forward to that we are somewhat melancholy about not being in Ocaen City for the first time in years.

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